Saturday, 13 July 2013

Photo Challenge July 6th - 12th

6th - My first ice lolly of the summer :) I buy them for the kids all the time but I've not had a cherryade flavoured ice lolly since I was a kid and I really enjoyed it :)

7th - I bought a new hoover in February and last month it started smoking. I've not been able to use it since. I took the top off to replace the belt and found that the roller no longer goes round and looks like it's been worn away. I'm now waiting for Electrolux to send me a new one. I hope it doesn't take too long because my stair carpet is crying out to be hoovered!

8th - Kaycee got her first badges at Brownies tonight and we had to sew them straight on!

9th - I'm sure you all know little Chi-Chi by now :) We've had her this week while Nanny's started on her packing ready for her move to her new house next month.

10th - The kids all got some books sent for them to review and so far they've all been given the thumbs up. Ella and Kaycee started reading them the same day and they both keep picking them up to read at various times of the day rather than just reading at bed time :)

11th - A few years ago Ant bought me a miniature rose for valentine's day and every year, without fail, it gets just one single rose on it. I love it :)

12th - It's my birthday and I've over indulged in cake and takeaway and chocolates and I've enjoyed every mouthful :)

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  1. Chi Chi is becoming a favourite regular! I hope you had a fab birthday and why not treat yourself on your special day.

  2. Chi Chi is really gorgeous I bet the kids love her! Happy Birthday, I don't blame you for having a treat. That rose is really beautiful.

  3. Happy Birthday! You have every right to overindulge ;-)

  4. happy birthday to you :)
    the centre of that flower looks like jewelleryit so pretty and ornate x

  5. Onion rings! Love them!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365


Awwww thanks :D


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