Saturday, 9 March 2013

365 Project - March 2nd - 8th

2nd - My favourite fruit at the moment and seeing as I'm on Slimming World they're the perfect snack :)

3rd - I nearly forgot to take the photo and had to take one out of my bedroom window while I was doing the bedtime routine with the girls!

4th - My bedside isn't the tidiest of places and I don't think I'll get through the pile of books to read as well as all the ones waiting on my kindle!

5th - Ella's gorgeous smile, made into an online jigsaw :)

6th - 5pm which means homework time for Kaycee.

7th - My snugly socks came back out when the temperature dipped again this week. It feels like winter's back and this does not make me happy. I need spring now!

8th - I thought, 'window to the soul' would be a more interesting photo than an actual window on our house and these eyes belong to our beautiful Ella :)


  1. That is an impressive pile of books you've got!! Also, love the winter socks, I have some just like them :)

  2. they are beautiful eyes, I got a new e reader this week, maybe I will take up reading again.

  3. Looks like a delightful jigsaw.
    Cosy socks are just so . . . .cosy!!

  4. my fluffy socks cam out again too!! lol

  5. Ella does have a gorgeous smile. What a great jigsaw

  6. those eyes are amazing arent they? great capture they look sparkly too x

  7. Puzzle photos, what a lovely idea. I know that Kindle's are popular but you can't beat holding a book to read.

  8. Those socks look so warm! I agree with you, so ready for Spring!

  9. Sunggly socks are the best - I have a whole collection that Little Z is always touching!

  10. Love those winter socks. So cosy.


Awwww thanks :D


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