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Photo Challenge 50 – Something you hate to do


February 19th 2013
Prompt – Something you hate to do
List of prompts I’m working from this month 🙂
Bit embarrassing this one! I got caught up on all the laundry 2 days ago (we don’t usually have this much but I washed dressing gowns, sofa throws, bedding etc) while the kids were away but I put off folding it because the 2 things I hate doing are folding laundry and ironing laundry!
I’ve yet to get this lot folded and put away and I have a full basket of ironing to do.
I’m putting it off for one more night because I’ve got a headache today but I promise myself, my super wonderful husband and my girls that I’ll get it done tomorrow after Slimming World. And Lunch. And when Tesco’s been!!

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