Friday, 9 November 2012

'That' Asda Christmas Advert

I saw mention of the complaints the Asda Christmas advert had received so I watched it to find out why. I have to admit, it made me smile and I couldn't see anything wrong with it; I had to go and Google for more information.
Similarly, I showed it to my husband without telling him what the complaints were and he couldn't see anything wrong with it either.

I think it's a great, light-hearted Christmas advert and one that I can totally identify with as a mum who does all the organising for Christmas in our house.
Far from expecting my husband to do more in the run up to Christmas, I expect him to leave me to get on with it and prefer him to do so! I LOVE organising Christmas and whilst I'm not saying that it doesn't get stressful sometimes, it's never too much work.

My mum was the one who did everything 'Christmas' when I was little as did her mum when she was little. What I saw as a little girl was mum putting up the decorations, writing the Christmas cards, buying in all the goodies for the Christmas trolley, cooking Christmas dinner, inviting people round for a buffet tea and preparing that buffet tea for us all to enjoy.
Dad would be the one helping us kids get toys out of tricky packaging, putting batteries in and searching for lost toy parts in bags of screwed up wrapping paper when they inevitably went missing!
He'd be the one outside, holding us up on new bikes or rollerboots while mum created the marvellous dinner we were all looking forward too.
She wasn't the one, however, who did the mountain of washing up after said Christmas dinner because dad would insist the kids did it that so mum could have a rest after cooking!

I've read a lot of opinions on this advert, both for and against and to be frank, I really don't see the point of getting all wound up about it. There are enough things in life, and more important ones to worry about than an advert that's meant to be fun and light-hearted :)

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