Friday, 5 October 2012

Hama Beads - My girls LOVE them!

The girls came home from school yesterday and the first thing they saw were the Hama Beads; they instantly wanted to get them open and start creating but I told them dinner and chores came first!

I think it was the first time they cleared the table after dinner without arguing and without it taking half an hour!

Ella's kit included two boards, shaped like a puppy and a kitten.

Kaycee got a heart, hexagon and butterfly board.

The girls have used Hama Beads before, unlike me. It was my first time and I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed creating on the different boards, with my girls. We spent at least 2 hours working on our creations and I've never known the girls to focus on something for so long and then complain that they had to pack it away when bedtime came!

Kaycee said she loves Hama Beads and the only thing she wants for Christmas is more beads and boards and some clothes for her baby Annabel :)

I'll definitely be ordering more sets for me them for Christmas!

For more Hama Bead ideas, check out the following links :)

Please note: We were sent the Hama Bead kits in return for a 100% honest review.

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