123 / 365 – Argh me hearties!

Ella’s class topic at the moment is pirates; this is a topic that has provided us with many things to laugh at over the past week!

She keeps saying “argh me hearties” and the other day she was mopping the kitchen floor* then after a few minutes she came in to me, wiping her forehead and said, “mum, can you finish swabbing the deck?!”
She had a big grin on her face and I couldn’t stop laughing!

Today was very exciting for her because she was allowed to go to school dressed as a pirate. She’s been looking forward to it since she brought the letter home last week!

Last night she made an eye patch but when she put it on this morning, the elastic kept slipping over her other eye and annoying her so I drew on an eye patch with face paints.
She looked so cute. I can’t wait to find out how her day has been 🙂

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*We’ve had a new mop and we now use a cleaner that we spray straight on the floor instead of a bucket. As a result, Ella and KayCee now argue who is going to mop the floor because it’s fun to do and no longer a chore! I’m sure it won’t be long till the novelty of the new mop wears off!

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