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94 / 365 Bedtime

Don’t be fooled, they’re only pretending to be asleep! They’re waiting up for Aiden to go bed but I have no idea how he’s going to sleep in that tiny space in front of the wardrobe!

Since the school holidays began, the girls have been sleeping in Aiden’s room. We let them because it’s fun to make beds on the floor and read stories by torchlight but the problem is, they haven’t mastered the art of being quiet and going to sleep when the story is finished; they start arguing and messing around.

We’ve always been fairly strict at bedtime; we value our time together once they’re in bed and we really don’t like settling down to watch one of our shows only to be disturbed by one of the kids coming down to moan about one of the other kids!

Tonight was the third night we’ve let them sleep in Aiden’s room and after Ant having to go up at least once each night and twice tonight, we’d had enough. The third time he went up, he sent the girls back to their own beds and that’s where they’ll be sleeping from now on.
Well at least until they work out how to be nice to each other and not argue!

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