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March #PinAddicts – Origami hearts

I made loads of these cute hearts for Valentine’s Day after seeing a picture on Pinterest. You can’t tell very well from the picture but they added a lovely a touch to our Valentine’s table 🙂
I tried following the instructions from the pdf file on the link the pin refers to but didn’t do very well so I turned to You Tube and found a great video.

I’m going to do an origami activity with the girls in the week and show them how to make the hearts 🙂

I’m linking up with this months Pin Addicts 🙂

6 thoughts on “March #PinAddicts – Origami hearts

  1. Aw, you had a valentines table, that's so lovely! Origami is something I've never attempted. The hearts look lovely. Thanks for linking up! x x

  2. They look gorgeous. I'm very impressed with your valentines table. What a lovely idea. x

  3. Love the hearts on the little branch! What a lovely idea x

  4. These look lovely x

  5. Lovely! Thanks for linking-up x

  6. They are lovely, I'm interested in having a go at some origami so I may have to give these a go (this challenge isn't doing very well for me at working through my pins, I just keep adding new ones!)

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