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Schedules and Stickers

After being at secondary school for 6 months and after having to nag him every day to make sure homework and chores are done, I finally had enough and printed out a schedule for Aiden.
It details the things he needs to accomplish each day to keep him organised which will hopefully put a stop to me and Ant having to nag him all the time.

After doing Aiden’s list I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do one for me, KayCee and Ella. I saw a pin on Pinterest and it inspired me to get more organised and spend small amounts of time every day keeping the chores down rather than letting them build up and having to spend whole days doing cleaning, laundry and ironing.

Today was our first full day working on the list and it was a great success. Everyone knew what they had to do and got on with it.
Once all the jobs are done and dinner is over we have activity time.
We did painting today at Ella’s request and we had a really lovely time together. Ella hasn’t been to school today because she was ill in the night. She’s spent the day on the sofa watching tv. She was a bit sad that she couldn’t have banana and ice cream milkshake because of her upset tummy so the painting helped cheer her up. Hopefully she’ll be better tomorrow and back to her normal happy self.

It amazed me how calm and relaxed the evening was. The girls were bathed, had story time and were in bed by 7.30pm and Aiden was in bed by his usual time of 8.30pm with the difference being that all his chores were done!
After getting the girls to bed and finishing off my last few jobs I was able to sit and relax with Ant without being all stressed about things the children had ‘forgotten’ to do!

When they’ve filled in each the chores for the day they can choose a sticker to put at the bottom of the list and as an extra reward for completing all their chores everyday they’re going to be able to pick an outing or activities to do as a family on the weekends they stay home.
I do feel a bit guilty though because the stickers actually belong to KayCee! She has hundreds and I didn’t see the point of buying more; she doesn’t mind though because she’s in charge of giving them out when they’ve been earned and she loves being the one in charge and organising people!

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