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The Gallery – Friends

From Left Jackie, Ian, Jo, Ian’s brother, Neil and me.

My best friend, Jo, got married about 12 years ago I think, the day before my birthday. At that time we’d only known each other a short while but we became best friends very soon after we started work at the factory.

We first met when the job centre made us both attend a job club because we’d been out of work for 6 months. It was the longest I’d been out of work and I must confess to not liking job club at all. It was full of men/boys and I was the only female until Jo walked in. I was so relieved to have another girl there that I just grinned at her like a nutter! She came and sat next to me and we started chatting.

It turned out I didn’t have to go to many job clubs because I soon got a job in a factory.
Jo and I didn’t keep in touch but we’d see each other down the street (the affectionate term for the main shopping street in Belper) and say hi.

Not long after, Jo got a job in the same factory and we got on really well.
I was, however, quite surprised when she asked if I’d be a bridesmaid at her wedding in the summer. She’d got one other bridesmaid (her brother’s, now ex, girlfriend) and wanted one more. I was pleased she asked and we started discussions about the kind of outfit she wanted her bridesmaids to have.
She had decided on lilac as her wedding colour and was getting married at a hotel.

It was a really lovely day and it sealed our friendship. We became best friends and have remained so ever since. They were my first choice for godparents when Aiden was born, along with another friend from the factory, Yvette.

Living in different counties means we don’t see each other as much as we’d like but we both know that we can count on the other for anything we may need.
We can spend ages on the phone and Ant knows when I’m talking to Jo because there’s always lots of laughing!
She adopted my family; my mum and dad class her as a daughter and my sister and brothers treat her like a sister 🙂 She comes to all our family parties and it wouldn’t feel right if she didn’t.

I’m hoping to see her soon when I go to my nephews birthday in March and we’re supposed to be arranging a weekend for me to go and stay with her. Hopefully that’ll happen soon but I’m not sure if I’m going to get to go alone because our girls adore her and also keep asking if they can go and stay at Aunty Jo’s!

We all love you Jo and hope to see you very soon 😀 xxx

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  1. What a lovely post. I hope you both have a fab time together in March.

  2. Sometimes you meet someone and you just know immediately you'll be friends! Great story

  3. I agree sometimes you just click straight away don't you?

  4. That's such a lovely story!

  5. For 12 years ago, that is a really nice dress – a timeless one x

  6. Have a wonderful time in March- isn't it lovely when friends just click?

  7. Awww what a lovely story. Great photo x

  8. what a lovely post 🙂 SO nice to hear fo friendships which have stood the test fo time 🙂

  9. lovely post, lovely picture x

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