Monday, 14 March 2011

Revamping a set of drawers

This set of drawers has been at the bottom of the stairs since before I moved in with Ant.
It's full of his tools, screws, 'things that will come in handy one day!' etc.
Things also get dumped on top of it and left there for years (it may sound like an exaggeration but that printer has been there 2 years at least and last week there was another printer next to it and a box of computer software books on top of the big printer!) and now I've had enough of having to look at it every time I walk downstairs.

I'm not sure how old it is but it's seen better days! The wood veneer was chipped off on some of the drawers and it just looked old and tired.

 I sanded it all and removed the veneer from one of the drawers due to more veneer coming off while I was sanding it.

I filled the other chips with wood filler then painted on the primer....with a little help from Ella!

She really enjoyed helping, as she always does!
It took a few coats of paint but it's finally done :)

I bought the dandelion stickers from ebay for about £5 and the paint from my local B&M store. The white paint cost £4.99 for 1.25 litres and I used less than a quarter of a tin and the brown paint was by Crown and was on sale for 49p!!
I was very happy with my bargain tin of paint!

I wasn't sure about the brown when I first did it and was getting ready to repaint the drawers white but I'd already ordered the stickers and Ant suggested I waited until the stickers were on to see if I liked it then.

I loved it! The stickers made all the difference.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Spring is on it's way!

Ella and I were having a leisurely walk back from nursery today when we saw our first sign that spring is on it's way.

Ella didn't want to go near the tree  because she thought there were bees on it! I told her they weren't bees and they were nice and soft to touch. She still didn't touch them but she did go and have a closer look. I'm sure she'll pluck up the courage to feel them the next time we walk home from nursery.

I've never been good at naming trees and this one is no exception!
If you know what kind of tree this is, please feel to post and let me know :)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Patchwork Quilt

I've finished the first patchwork quilt I started about 3 weeks ago and I'm very pleased with it, as is KayCee who brings it down with her in a morning and wraps it round her while she's waking up!

Ella keeps asking when hers is going to be ready.
I'm going to try and make a start today but I've got so many projects on the go, it's hard to know which to do first!

I'm currently sanding down a chest of drawers so I can repaint it, I bought herb and flower seeds at the weekend and want to get on with growing things. I've got a bookcase to sand down and repaint as well as Ella's quilt to make.
I also want to sew some sheets together that will fit each small mattress that are on the girl's beds. Regular single sheets are too big and slip around due to the mattress protectors. I'm going to sew two sheets together so that the mattress can fit inside the sheets like a duvet fits in it's cover.
Hopefully this will stop Ella throwing her sheet on the floor in the middle of the night!

I really wanted to get pictures of the finished quilt on my blog today but I've lost my camera cable so I'm going to finish the sanding then find my cable.

I'll hopefully be back later!

Edited 02 March 2011

I'm back!

I didn't find my cable but I can always rely on my wonderful husband to have extras! :)

So here it first patchwork quilt made from an old curtain, 2 old sheets and an old duvet for the filling.
It cost me nothing (as long as you don't count the sewing machine I bought last week!!) and I feel great that I've used unwanted material that would normally have ended up in the recycle bin.

Ella wants hers making now so I'd better hurry up and get the chest of drawers and bookcase finished so I can start her quilt!


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