Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Christmas cards, cake and dinner set.

I made some more cards yesterday and started writing in the ones I'd already made.

The girls wanted to bake when they got home from school so we made a fruit cake. We used this recipe and I have to say, I've never cooked the ingredients before the finished batter goes in the oven!

KayCee and Ella both got sticky fingers from the glace cherry syrup and it's probably a good job this cake is for the immediate family seeing as Ella is using the sieve as a mask!

We'll be decorating the cake on Friday night after dinner and we're all looking forward to it. KayCee wants to roll out the marzipan (and no doubt have a sneaky taste at some point!) and Ella wants to roll out the icing.
I bought some ready coloured piping icing and various decorations for the top. I'm sure the girls will make a great job :)

I got a new Christmas dinner set on Sunday. Every year for the last few years, at our local B&M, they've had a lovely Christmas dinner set in. Every year, for the last few years, I've wanted to  buy a set but have ummed and arred about it every year, until last year.
I made the decision to get a set the next time I went and of course, it had sold out.
I didn't expect it to be in again this year but was really pleased to see the shelf being stacked on Saturday.
I bought the salt and pepper pot and gravy boat in January this year and as soon as I saw the plates and bowls, I knew I had to have it this year.
Ant went and fetched it for me on Sunday and now I'm looking forward to Christmas dinner even more!

I'm getting more and more organised by the day :)


  1. you are very organised - I have done nothing - except purchase Christmas cards which was through the school and designed by my eldest. I keep thinking I must make a list, or several! Wish me luck!!

  2. Lists are great friends and I couldn't live without them!

    I use excel to make my lists and I have loads of them for gift ideas, food needed, people I need to write cards too. I don't think I could ever go back to pen and notepads lol

    How lovely to have cards designed by your child. I remember when we used to design cards for the school and my mum and Grandma always used to buy some. I'd love it if our school did that.

    Thanks for stopping by :) xx

  3. I love that Christmas set! Gorgeous! I am staggered by how organised you are...very impressed. I am glad you are on board for Festive Friday, you'll keep us all on our toes! :-)

  4. I'm only this organised because I'm like a big when it comes to Christmas and can't wait to do everything!

    I'm loving Festive Friday because Christmas posts are my favourite kind at the moment so it's great to visit everyone's links :)

    Thanks for stopping by :) xx

  5. Hi can you tell me where you got your dinner set? I have been looking for a set and can't find one i like, Thanks x

  6. Hi,
    I got the dinner set from my local B&M store. The plates were £1.99 each, bowls were 99p each and there's also a gravy boat and salt and pepper set but I can't remember how much they are because I bought them in the sale last year.
    Hope that helps :)
    Thanks for stopping by xx


Awwww thanks :D


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