Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Britmums personal prompt - Best day with family

I love the personal prompt this week, I mean, who doesn't love writing about great times they've had with their family?
The first one that comes to mind, is one that I wrote about when I linked up to Magic Moments last month. The next day I can think of is Christmas. Not any one particular Christmas, just Christmas in general! To say I love Christmas would be an understatement and it's a day that centres around family so is perfect for this prompt :)

On Christmas Eve, they each open one Christmas present which always contains new pajamas! (Aiden was at his Dad's for Christmas last year, which is why he isn't in the photo)
They sprinkle reindeer food (made from oats and glitter) on the garden to make sure the reindeer can see our house from the air then they come back inside to pour a drink of Baileys and put out a mince pie for Santa and some carrots for the reindeer.
They have a drink of hot chocolate with marshmallows and squirty cream before we go upstairs to read 'The night before Christmas'.
They put their stockings on the bedroom door handle then stay awake as long as possible, hoping that they'll see Santa go straight to sleep!

Christmas morning and most parents would now be telling you how ridiculously early their little darlings woke them up but our little darlings haven't woken us yet on Christmas day! Ant or I have been the ones to wake up between 6-7am and we have to wake the kids because we're I'm too excited to wait for them to wake on their own!

I love seeing the excitement on their faces as they come through the door and see their presents.

The girls always have a new party dress in December which they wear to Nanny and Jack's Christmas party then again on Christmas day.
Daddy spends the morning opening packaging, inserting batteries and putting things together while I get dinner sorted.
I enjoy the whole process of getting Christmas dinner ready, from dressing the table to pouring the Shloer.
We sit together for our meals nearly every day but there's something special about Christmas dinner.

After dinner, more playing and more food preparation!
We have Ant's dad and children (well the ones who live close and haven't already got plans) round for a buffet tea and they stay for a while, usually until the kids go to bed then Ant and I relax together for the rest of the evening.

The day usually goes too fast for me but I always go to bed happy and content that the children have had a magical day.

I'm now very excited about Christmas and can't wait for it to get here!

So that's one of the best days I spend with my family.....what's your best day?
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  1. Oh my goodness - that's such a lovely post - I'm feeling all Christmass-y now! I also remember receiving PJs on Christmas Eve so we've started that tradition with our little girl too - I like the idea of a new party dress too - wonderful!

  2. The girls choose their own dresses now and look forward to it :)
    When they were younger, I chose the dresses and dressed them the same.
    It's nice to see the different tastes coming out now they're getting older.

    Thanks for stopping by :) xx


Awwww thanks :D


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