Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Friday, 26 September 2014

52 weeks of gratitude - Week 7 - I think!

Shell Louise

I've not been very consistent with my 52 weeks lists but I figure as long as I do them, it doesn't matter how long it takes me!

1) Autumn. It's my second favourite season, the first being winter and the third being spring. I don't do well with heat so summer is last on the list for me.
I love getting my warm fluffy socks out and I've just bought myself a lovely new pair of pink fluffy slippers :)
2) Kaycee's enthusiasm for making Christmas gifts. We've made a start on collecting items to make hampers and she's as excited as I am!
3) Ella settling into her new school. She's finding junior school more of a challenge because they make them do more work but she's enjoying it and that makes me happy.
4) Aiden finally figuring out that wearing his glasses is good for him and makes seeing a lot easier!
5) Finally getting the book cases painted and the books organised with the help of the S.W.H. (super wonderful husband) however we both keep popping into the charity shop and coming out with more books. This isn't helping the book storage problem we currently have!
6) Our apple tree. It gave us a huge amount of fruit this first year in our new house and the apples are gorgeous. I'm very thankful for this lovely tree that as soon as I saw it, made me want to live here!
7) This house. I sat the other day and it hit me how much happier and relaxed I've been living in this house. It feels like we've always been here and that we'll always be here. I guess this is our forever home :)
8) My lovely new dishwasher!
9) Finally getting back on track with slimming world. I'm feeling very determined!
10) My husband. We've been married nearly 10 years and we're still really happy together. I love him more than I can say.

I'm joining in with This Enchanted Pixie and her 52 weeks of gratitude linky :)

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Weekly weigh in - 1lb lost

Shell Louise

Well I was aiming for 2lb and got a 1lb loss this week.

I was a bit disappointed but I soon stopped that nonsense and celebrated the fact that I'm 1lb closer to my 8 and a half stone weight :)

The week ahead has a trip to Surprise View to remember the lovely Jack followed by a fish and chip lunch.
Far from dreading the fish and chips because of the high syns, I'm going to work in the syns with the rest of the week's syns so I should still see a loss next Wednesday :)

Kaycee and Ella are going to help me organise a menu for the week in a little while so I'll be set up for a good result!

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Argos Colour Campaign

Shell Louise

Aiden's planning on living with his dad when he's 16 in a couple of years time. I'm used to him being away at his dad's and while I will be sad that he won't be living here anymore, I'll be fine with it because I know it's what he wants.

The girls have already planned that Ella's having Aiden's room!

Kaycee wants our room because it has the built in wardrobe and cupboard storage and Ella want's Aiden's because she likes his high bed with the desk underneath!

Kaycee wants her decorated blue. She's had something against pink for a while now. Maybe I've overloaded her with it from the moment she was born!

When Aiden moves, Kaycee will be 11 so I've been picking furniture and accessories that are a little more grown up than she has now.

I thought a day bed would be great for her. She's always been older than her years and I know she'd love it because it'll make her feel more grown up.

She's very good at keeping her room tidy, unlike Ella and I know she'd make sure everything was kept in the right place!
It's a nice calming colour, perfect for Kaycee.

For Ella I've picked bright pinks and greens. She still loves pink and she's always on the go. Bright vibrant colours suit her personality best :)

There isn't much storage in Aiden's room which is fine for a boy who's not really into clothes but it's no good for a girl who loves them so she'll need a new bed with wardrobe space as well as another set of drawers.
I love the pink and green storage baskets. They'll be perfect for all her collections :)


This post is my entry to the Argos Colour Campaign.

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Finding old books in the attic

Shell Louise

When we moved here six months ago we had lots of boxes of books that had been stored in the attic at our old house. We didn't have enough space to have them on bookcases or shelves so they spent 10 years in the dark.

The majority of them were bought by Ant before we met so I'd never seen them properly.

When we moved here we knew we wanted to get them all on shelves so Ant built some bookcases each side of the fireplace and we planned on putting up more shelves in the living room to accommodate them all.
Until we found the time to paint the new shelves and get them up we stacked all the books on the new shelves, double layered and packed in where ever they'd fit. You can read about that here :)

I've finally got round to getting the new shelves painted white so while the books are piled everywhere, I'm trying to get them organised and listed on Goodreads.
I've done about 600 so far and I've only done about a quarter of them! It's going to be a long job but one I'm really enjoying because I've been finding treasures I never knew we had, like this book of peoms by Robert Browning that was given as a Christmas present in 1910 :)

This book about careless talk costing lives from World War Two fascinated me. It even has a little stamp that you put on your telephone to remind you that someone else could be listening.
It has cartoons showing different scenarios of being overheard by the enemy.

Another book I found has the date 1863 in it. It has some lovely pictures.

I've still got the other side to empty yet and that side has the majority of the old books on it so I'm excited to see what else I'm going to find :)

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