Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Choosing new bedding and bedspreads

We recently changed the colour scheme of our bedroom from pink to teal (blog post to come soon with before and after photos) so I bought a lovely duvet set to use with our feather winter duvet. At the moment, though, it's too hot for a duvet and we're still using the summer bedspread, which is pink!

I love the new colour scheme and I don't like having the pink bedspread on so I've been checking out Google to find some affordable, teal coloured, bedspreads.

I found some lovely ones on the Freeman's catalogue website

Chepstow Bedspread

Camberley Bedspread

I like the second one best I think because the teal is darker which will match the news lamps better but I like the softness of the first and I think it will still look nice.

I found a couple of neutral bedspreads on Yorkshire Linen which I think would be a great choice because if I get fed up of the teal, I'll only have to change the accessories which would make for a much cheaper bedroom transformation!

Julia Bedspread Cream

Julia Bedspread Silver
Another of my favourite places to shop is Ebay. I can usually find some great bargains on there but before I buy I always do a Google search to see if it's cheaper else ware (usually on Amazon!) because I've been caught out before thinking that because it's Ebay it'll be cheaper but it's not always the case.

I can't wait to show you my before and after photos. The blog post will be coming soon, hopefully :)

This is a collaborative post.

Monday, 5 October 2015

More Halloween Crafts

All these crafts are made using recycled items, things you can find in the home/garden or from charity shops/jumble sales :)

Click the pictures to be taken to the tutorials.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Slimming World Strawberry and Chocolate Pavlova

Strawberry pavlova drizzled with chocolate

Kaycee (age 10) made me this wonderful pavlova for dessert. I'd tried a Slimming World meringue before and it was awful so I was a bit worried about wasting all the ingredients but this one uses sugar rather than sweetener so I thought we'd take the risk.
She was really pleased with her meringue. It was delicious and very hard to not eat more than one piece :)

Kaycee is using this recipe as her entry to the Great Denby Cake Off competition.
I used to live just down the road from Denby Pottery and even tried applying for a job there when I left school but I didn't get an interview!
I love the cook and dinnerware though and one of my favourite casserole dishes is a Denby one my grandmother gave me :)

Syns per serving - 4.5
Serves 8


4 Egg Whites
Pinch of salt
150g Castor Sugar
1 Level teaspoon Cornflour
1 Teaspoon white wine vinegar or malt vinegar
1/4 Teaspoon vanilla extract
25g Milk or white chocolate
250g Quark
175g Pot Muller light vanilla yogurt or any free vanilla yogurt
300g Strawberries


Preheat the oven to 160° or 140° Fan or Gas 3

On a piece of baking parchment, draw round a dinner plate and put the parchment on a baking tray.

Whisk the egg whites and salt with an electric beater until you get stiff peaks. Whisk in the castor sugar 1 tablespoon at a time until the mixture goes stiff and glossy.

Mix the cornflour with the vanilla and vinegar then pour over the egg mixture. Fold in gently.

Spoon the mixture onto the circle and spread it to the edge using a palette knife then put it in the oven.
Immediately reduce the heat to 140° or 120° Fan or Gas 1 and bake for 90 minutes or until the meringue is crisp to the touch.

Leave to cool then peel off the parchment and put the meringue on the serving plate.

Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water.

Mix together the yogurt and quark and spoon over the middle of the meringue. Top with the strawberries and drizzle over the melted chocolate.

Strawberry pavlova drizzled with chocolate

Friday, 2 October 2015

An evening at Home Sense - Part 2

I posted all the Christmas photos from our evening at Home Sense yesterday and today I'm posting the rest of the photos I took :)

Quotation storage box

Child size blue sofa

Dog sofa

Child size chairs

Assorted glassware

Love heart glassware

White and silver large dish

Large glass vase that looks like oversized wine glass
Ant said he could do with a new wine glass!
Glass pumpkin

Glass cockerel

Together is my favourite place to be storage box

Fox ornament

Owl ornament

Hot chocolate gift

Decorative cookie tin

Coffee beans

Large jars of pickles

Honey jar

Life is beautiful notebook

Dream, hope, believe, imagine, love notebook

Large decorative sideboard with 2 drawers

Coat hooks with places for each person's photo

Knitted, wall mounted animal heads. Elephant and bull

Lots of clocks on the wall

Thursday, 1 October 2015

An Evening at Home Sense, Lincoln - The Christmas Edition!

I was invited to spend a couple of hours browsing our local Home Sense store this evening and I had a really lovely time. I wrote a post about how much I loved Home Sense when it first opened here in Lincoln last year so I was really excited to be invited tonight.
We were treated to a selection of sandwiches and lovely looking cakes as well as a cup of tea in gorgeous tea cups.
I was soooo tempted to have some cake but I hadn't dinner yet and I'm also trying really hard to stick to Slimming World so I just had tea. Ant had some sandwiches and said they were really delicious.

Of course, I made a beeline for their Christmas stock and I probably spent the most time in that part of the shop! If you know how much I LOVE Christmas, you'll know how much I loved seeing all the decorations :)

Gnome christmas decoration

Glittery christmas tree
I'm totally going back to buy this before Christmas! I LOVE it and have no idea why I didn't bring it back with me tonight!

fluffy owl decoration

Noel storage box

Skiing santa

I met some fellow Lincolnshire bloggers and we were each given a gift card so we could get ourselves a little treat.
I picked a gorgeous wooden advent calendar that both Ant and I fell in love with. I was a bit reallllyyyy torn between the Santa above and advent calendar but the advent calendar won after lots of deliberating!

Wooden advent calendar

I also got 6 iced coffee glasses that we're going to use for ice cream sundaes. They were only £2 for 2. There are loads of bargains to be had at Home Sense.
It looks like it's going to be a really expensive shop when you first walk in but the prices are excellent.
The advent calendar was £19.99 and worth every penny in my opinion. I now have to find some little gifts I can put inside the drawers for the girls. I don't think Aiden's going to be bothered about an advent calendar that doesn't contain chocolate!

There are so many wonderful things in this store that you could easily spend a couple of hours wandering round and still probably miss loads!

Santa decoration

Owl christmas decoration

Another santa decoration

Reindeer decoration

I have to apologise for the change in lighting on the next photos. They were the first ones I took and I totally forgot to check my settings. I forgot that I changed them to try and capture the blood moon the other night (managed one of the eclipse but none of the blood moon because I couldn't stay awake!) and didn't change it back.
They obviously don't show the items in all their colourful glory but I do still like the effect so I'm keeping 'em and using 'em!

Lollypop tree decorations
If I hadn't already bought Aiden, Kaycee and Ella their tree decorations for this year, I'd have totally got them these lollypop decorations. I adore them and might have to pick them up anyway and save them for next year when I go back for my sparkly tree!

Assorted christmas decorations

Reindeer decoration

Christmas tree decoration

Welcome santa hanger

Another santa decoration

Here's another Santa I fell in love with. If there's any money left in the Christmas budget when I've finished buying presents I think I'm going to go and buy a white Santa and a brown one to use on my Christmas mantel decoration :)

I'll be back tomorrow with some photos of gorgeous glassware, fine furniture and a few delights to tickle the tastebuds!


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