Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Weekly weigh in - September 2nd

I didn't get the loss I wanted. I got myself a huge gain instead but I'm not going to let it get me down, I'm going to use it to get me back on track.

I fell down the stairs on Sunday and hurt the same ankle I hurt when I fell out of the glamping tent when we went to Featherdown Farm in 2012.
It took over a year for my ankle to stop hurting and when I felt the pain in my ankle on Sunday, all I could think was that I couldn't face having to go through all that again.
I had a good cry then spent the rest of the day feeling extremely sorry for myself and eating.

I knew I shouldn't be eating all the rubbish but I couldn't stop and it took all my willpower to get back in control yesterday.
I wasn't go to go to Slimming World today but as usual, I talked myself into facing up to what I'd done and moving on.

I gained 6lb.

I'm not gaining again next week. I'm going to plan ahead and get rid of this gain and I am going to get back to my lowest weight of 22 and a half stone.
Today I was 24 stone 5lb which is nearly 2 stone heavier than I was on this photo...

I have 16 weigh ins before Christmas so as long as I lose 2lb a week, I can get back to my lowest weight before then :)

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Ella's Painted Lady Butterflies

Ella's brother Jordain, and his girlfriend, Netty, bought her a butterfly kit for her birthday. She was really excited and we had to send off for the caterpillars right away :)
She's really enjoyed watching them grow and change into painted lady butterflies.

Photo 1 caterpillars on August 13th

Photo 2 caterpillars on August 13th

Photo 3 caterpillars on August 13th

Caterpillars on August 15th

Caterpillars on August 17th

Caterpillars on August 20th

Ella and the caterpillars on August 20th

Chrysalises on August 23rd

First butterfly in habitat on August 31st

Ella setting the butterflies free on September 1st

Ella's been away for the bank holiday weekend and I hoped the butterflies would wait until she got back today but unfortunately they decided yesterday was the time to emerge!

Daddy has found some cabbage white caterpillars in the garden so they've put them in a jar with some food so they can see the whole, wonderful process again :)


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