Lolly stick Christmas Trees Tutorial #24XmasCrafts Advent

Lolly stick Christmas Tree

These lolly stick Christmas trees are really easy to and quick to make. They’re great for time is short and you don’t want too much mess making!

You will need:

lolly stick Christmas tree

  • Lolly sticks
  • Pipe cleaners or ribbon to make the hanging loop
  • Decorations like stick on gems, sequins, glitter, pom poms
  • Glue (Kaycee used a glue gun but for younger children, sticky dots work well)


  • Glue three sticks into a triangle shape
  • When the glue has dried, use the gems, glitter etc to decorate the trees. You can also use the pipe cleaners
  • Using the pipe cleaners or ribbon, make a loop at the top of the triangle for hanging it

lolly stick Christmas tree

Paper Ball Ornament Tutorial #24XmasCrafts Advent

Paper Ball Ornament

I love this paper ball Christmas tree ornament. I think I’ll make the circles a little smaller next time I make one, though. It’s a bit big for my liking.

If you like projects that are a bit repetitive, you’ll like this one because you first have to cut out 20 circles of paper or card then score every circle before gluing together. It can take a while, which is why I drafted Kaycee in to help!

paper ball Christmas tree ornament

You will need:

  • Different coloured/patterned paper of card
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • A piece of ribbon to make the hanger

paper ball Christmas tree ornament


  • Cut 21 circles out of the card. I used a small roll of tape to draw around. It was about 5cm but as I said, I’d use something smaller next time.

paper ball Christmas tree ornament

  • Using one of the circles, cut it into an equilateral triangle
  • Use the triangle template to draw around on the underside of each circle
  • Using the scissors or a table knife, score along each line of the triangle on every circle and fold on the score lines
  • Using the glue (we used glue dots) fit 5 circles together
  • Repeat with another 5 circles but secure the ribbon through the middle of the circle before completing so you hang the finished decoration. (You might want to be a little more careful when cutting your circles so they fit together better than mine did! Don’t worry if it turns out like mine though, when it has all been fitted together, you don’t notice the imperfections!)

paper ball Christmas tree ornament

  • With the remaining 10 circles, Stick them together in a row, as in the photo below to make the middle part of the decoration

paper ball Christmas tree ornament

  • Now roll up the middle and glue together

paper ball Christmas tree ornament

  • Glue on each end and you’re done 🙂

paper ball Christmas tree ornament


Come back tomorrow for day 4 of my #24XmasCrafts advent. We’ll be making lolly stick Christmas trees 🙂


Video Greeting Cards with Choosey

Video greeting cards from Choosey

I’d never heard about video greeting cards and my mind boggled as to how you put a video in a card! It’s really quite simple, though, with help from Choosey.

You can pick from lots of lovely card designs and loads of different occasions. I love this one, from the movie, Home Alone 🙂

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal Choosey video card

With Christmas coming up I’ve been picking Christmas cards. The girls are going to be making the videos for their brothers, sister and other family members. They love making videos of themselves, unlike me!

All you have to do is pick your card, upload your video and tell them what message you’d like writing in the card. You can choose your text size and font. There are also graphics like emojis that you can use.

You don’t have to add a video, you can just create a regular card. If you’re adding a video, you just need to upload it and a QR code will be printed inside the card.

You view the video by scanning the code with your smart phone 🙂

video cards with Choosey

If you’d like to win 10 free greetings cards from Choosey, including postage, enter the giveaway below 🙂

Win 10 free Choosey greeting cards inc postage #23

I also have a discount code to share with you. Enter the code BGCHRISTMAS16 to get 25% off your order.

Button Christmas Tree Card Tutorial #24XmasCrafts Advent

Button Christmas Tree Card

Day 2 of our 24 xmas crafts advent. We went for purple, pinks and reds for our button Christmas tree card. It’s a nice easy craft that doesn’t take too long.

We used a glue gun to speed things up but if you don’t mind waiting for the glue to dry, you can PVA or sticky dots.

button Christmas tree card

You will need:

  • A blank card and envelope
  • Assorted buttons
  • Glue
  • Brown card
  • a double sided sticky pad
  • Pencil


  • Draw a light triangle outline using pencil to make the shape of the tree
  • Place all the buttons in the triangle until they’re in a position you like
  • Glue each button onto the card
  • Stick the double-sided sticky pad onto the brown paper then cut around it.
  • Stick it at the bottom of the tree to make the trunk

If you like, you can add a star shape to the top of the tree.

button Christmas tree card


On day 3 of my #24XmasCrafts advent, we’ll be making a Christmas tree ornament using paper circles and glue.

Tea light Snowmen Tutorial #24XmasCrafts Advent

Tea Light Snowmen

It’s December 1st, yay!!!! My girls and the super wonderful husband have been beavering away throughout November to help me put together 24 craft tutorials, 1 for each day of advent.

Day 1 is tealight snowmen. Ella loved making them 🙂

They’re cute and very easy to make, using a few bits you’ve probably got lying around the house.

tea light snowman ornament

Battery operated tea lights can be picked up from the pound shop and places like B&M. We got 8 for £1.99.

You will need:

tea light snowmen

  • Battery operated tea light
  • Glue or sticky dots or a hot glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • A black Sharpie
  • Card or Black felt or craft foam


  • Draw eyes and a mouth on the tea light. The light bulb will be the snowman’s nose.
  • Draw a top hat on the felt/card/craft foam and cut out. If you’re using white card, colour it black.
  • Cut a piece of ribbon big enough to wrap around the top hat and glue in place.
  • Glue the top hat onto the snowman.
  • Cut another piece of ribbon for the snowman’s scarf. Fold it as in the picture and glue in place
  • For an alternative, you can use a piece of pipe cleaner and 2 pom poms to make ear muffs. We found using a hot glue gun worked best to stick the pipe cleaner and pom poms on.
tea light snowmen

This is Ella’s Frosty the snowman 🙂

You can add a piece of looped ribbon to the back of the tea light so you can hang it on your tree 🙂


Tomorrow, on day 2 of my #24XmasCrafts advent, we’ll be making Christmas tree cards using buttons for decoration.

Papercraft model village

Papercraft village

Ant bought me a Christmas train from B&M a few weeks ago and since then we’ve been shopping for a Christmas village to go with it.
Not being able to find one at the right price, we decided to make a papercraft one that we’d seen in The Range.

It was £14.99 which sounds pricey but it makes 15 buildings as well as some trees and deer. It’s not the, It’s a Wonderful Life Christmas village that I want but it’ll do for now!

Ant’s spent a couple of evenings making up the buildings, with a little help from Kaycee and Ella and they look really lovely.

We’ll be setting the train and village up on Saturday when our decorations go up. I can’t wait 🙂

papercraft Christmas village





O.C.D – Obsessive Christmas Disorder

O.C.D. – Obsessive Christmas Disorder

This was on Facebook today. I had to save it and share it on my blog because it’s so totally me! I have Obsessive Christmas Disorder and I’m not ashamed to say it!

Obsessive Christmas Disorder

I’m constantly thinking about Christmas at this time of year. The spreadsheet I use to plan Christmas is open all the time. I’ve got lists on my phone of things I need to do and things I still need to buy.
Asda and Tesco have my grocery shopping orders for every week during December so I can make sure I don’t forget anything!

We have our first baking session planned for Sunday and if I haven’t said already, the decorations are going up on Saturday! Totally can’t wait for Saturday. Ant will be making me my first snowball of the year, as is our tradition and I have mince pies and panettone ready to enjoy 🙂

Nearly advent and we’re getting excited!


Wrapping Christmas books for our storybook advent was how I spent my afternoon and I’m getting very excited now! We’ve got quite a selection of books now and it was hard to choose from them all.

Storybook advent

We started doing the storybooks in 2014 and the girls look forward to it now. The pile of wrapped books are on the patio and Ella got really excited when she saw them. She said she can’t wait till Thursday to open the book, the chocolate calendar, the activity calendar and the new wooden drawer one we bought last year 🙂

chocolate advent

I’ve written the activities for the pocket Santa advent, in some little handcrafted gift tags.

activity advent
I can’t tell you what I’m putting in the wooden drawers one because Kaycee reads my blog now and I don’t want to spoil it for her!

What I’m most looking forward to is my Yankee Candle advent that I treated myself to in January this year! It was on sale at Amazon and I can’t wait to open number 1 🙂

Yankee Candle advent

2 more days to go 🙂


Argos Catalogue at Christmas

Argos Catalogue

Before the days of the internet, we had the Argos catalogue. As a child, my brothers, John and James and my sister, Stacy, and I would spend hours searching the catalogue to see what to put on our Christmas lists.
I’m sure many children in the 80s were the same. We’d find it hard being patient, waiting while one of us got to pick first then passing it on to the next one!

I still check Argos first when I’m looking for new household furniture, when changing the colour scheme of my kitchen or when I’m Christmas shopping. It’s not the same without the catalogue though!

On the other hand, the internet is great for finding voucher codes for discounts, especially at this time of year.

1985 catalogue

I came across a Flickr album with a 1985 Argos catalogue photostream and I took a trip down memory lane!

I remember the year everyone, myself included, wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid. It was impossible to get one and I never did. When I was about 25, I bought myself one! I never got over the longing of owning an actual Cabbage Patch Kid! This catalogue was printed 2 years after the ‘year of the Cabbage Patch Kid’.

Argos Catalogue Cabbage Patch Dolls

I loved the Care Bear I got one Christmas. I had it for years 🙂 Mine was Cheer Bear. It’s the one with the rainbow on the tummy. I loved watching the Care Bears cartoon as well when I was younger.

Argos catalogue Care Bear

The game of life was another toy on my wish list that I didn’t get. I don’t remember why I wanted it so badly as I don’t think I’ve played it!

Argos catalogue Game of Life

A friend had one of these Tomytronic Sky Attack electronic games and I was addicted! It was brilliant and I wish I could play on one again 🙂

Argos catalogue sky attack

Mr Frosty was on my Santa list for years. It sounds awful that just about everything I wanted on this post I didn’t get! I totally know now why mum and dad didn’t buy a Mr Frosty though. I’ve bought one as an adult and I have to say, I wasn’t impressed. They obviously knew it wasn’t worth the money!

Argos catalogue Mr Frosty

I’m moving away from Christmas toys for the moment because while I was looking through the photoslide, I noticed this Eternal Beau dinner set. All through my teenage years, I planned to have this dinner set when I had a place of my own! I never bought it because it was out of my price range (I was only on £2.50 an hour in my first job!). I know it’s a bit dated now but I can still why I liked it so much 🙂

Argos catalogue Eternal Beau dinner set

I’m feeling all nostalgic now I’ve seen some of the toys we wanted and some of the ones we used to have 🙂

Christmas Trivia Quiz – How many can you answer?

Christmas Trivia Quiz

I’m a little bit addicted to those quizzes people share on Facebook. I especially can’t resist ones about Christmas or Christmas movies. When I found a site where you can create your own quiz, I had to give it a go! I had great fun making a Christmas trivia one and I hope you enjoy it 🙂

You can make your own quiz for free at QzzrI think I may be getting a quiz making bug because I want to go and make another one right now!

Let me know what you think of my first quiz and how you did in the comments. Challenge your friends to see who can get the best score.

Christmas trivia quiz