Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Message from Santa #PortableNorthPole @PNPSanta

Getting an email from Santa is as much a tradition now as our Advent activity calendar is and Ella's been looking forward to it for ages!

Santa and his portable north pole console make Christmas that little bit more magical for young children and this year there are 7 premium videos to choose from.
We used to use the free videos but the premium ones are certainly worth the money in my opinion. For £9.99, you can make unlimited videos, arrange phone calls from Santa and even have a video made for your child's birthday.

You can add photos, choose friends/family to be featured on the big bookcase next to your child's book and choose something that your child has been asked to work on to get better at through the year, like keeping their room tidy or being nice to their sister, (I wonder which ones feature in our videos every year)!

This year is a little sad for me because Kaycee's 10 now and no longer believes that Santa is real, although she's keeping up the pretence for Ella.
Hopefully, we'll have another year after this one of Ella believing; it'll be a very sad year for me when she stops.

Click to see last year's videos

Please note: we were given a premium account at PNP to share the magic with you :)

Monday, 30 November 2015

Ready for Advent :)

We've got an extra advent calendar this year and I really must not buy anymore!

They've got the usual chocolate one each

Advent calendars with chocolate

the activity one

Activity advent santa

the storybook advent

Gift wrapped story books

and the new wooden drawer advent that I got from Home Sense, which really is Ant's fault because he encouraged me to get it!

Wooden advent with drawers

We're not having any more no matter how lovely are (and we saw some realllly nice ones at Pennell's yesterday!)

Saturday, 28 November 2015

How to decorate for Christmas in style and cheap

Living room decorated for Christmas

Christmas is coming very soon, and we can start talking about the ways to celebrate the jolliest time of the year at your home as well! Apart from a beautiful Christmas tree, there are some other ways how you can decorate your home. And today I am going to share a few tips that will help you out not only to achieve true classy décor but also even save money! It is super easy, super fun, and it brings Christmas to the home!

Before those tips, I would also like to take some time and show you this great new ChameleonJohn.com website. There you will find many online coupons to shop with! Those little fellows might be very handy when shopping for gifts, or just for decor elements. So grab them right away and save tons of money now!

Turn your throw pillows into gifts
It is super easy, super good looking, and it won’t cost you tons of cash! In fact, all you need to do is tie a bow around your throw pillows with holiday colour ribbons, and voila! They look just like Christmas gifts! You can also add a rhinestone pin for an extra decorating kick and have fun sitting on a very comfortable and good looking pile of gifts!

Snowman made from oranges

Build mini snowmen 
Another very cheap, fun, and even odorous décor element can be a few mini snowmen made from… oranges or clementines! And it is not that hard to make them! Just stack the fruit, holding the pieces together with toothpicks. Then add cloves for eyes, peppermint sticks for arms and a nose and liquorice for a scarf. The hat can be a vanilla wafer and peppermints layered with frosting – that is it! It will last long, smell very nicely and it will bring a lot of visual interest around the room as well. Moreover, since it is not that hard to make, kids will love helping you out as well!

Use biscuit cutters as window decorations
You can also have something special and decorate your windows with biscuit cutters! These window decorations take just a few minutes to make. And it requires minimum material as well! Just get tin biscuit cutters with various Christmas-like shapes like angels, bells, and stars. String them with beautiful ribbons, and then tack them to the window casing. After that just enjoy having unique, cheap and super cute decorations on your windows!

White tree with red baubles

Skip the real Christmas tree
I know it is quite hard to skip the old time tradition of having a real Christmas tree at a home, but you can save a lot more, have a beautiful decor element and still enjoy Christmas if you pick a tree in an unexpected colour like a winter white or bright red. In fact, the more unusual colour you choose, the stronger décor element it will be. When it comes to the ornaments, less, but bright is best. Only stick to one bold colour, so it pops. Choose colours like red, magenta, or turquoise or other that contrast the colour of the tree. You will have a lovely tree for years, it will be eco-friendly, and you won't spend money every year as well!

A family photo garland

For the sweetest decor element, gather all your pictures of family members! Drape the nostalgic garland across a mantel, shelf, or whatever you wish for by clipping old snapshots to a piece of festive ribbon. Photos can be whatever you like – from grandparents to today, from past years Christmas celebrations to everything else. It is all up to your imagination. The cost of such decor element is silly small, but it is surely very nice to look at and very easy to make. So – try it!

This is a collaborative post

Friday, 27 November 2015

4 Weeks to Christmas

Santa gif

The girls are getting really excited now due to it being December next week. They can't wait to get the advent calendars down!

We did a bit more Christmas shopping today and the super wonderful husband bought me some snowflake cutlery :oD I've wanted some Christmas cutlery for ages but never saw any I liked until today.

Snowflake cutlery set

Snowflake cutlery, Chocolates, Danish butter cookies

I finally found some Cadbury's Roses for £4 a tub. They've been £5 everywhere but Netto had them today for £4. I got the danish butter cookies from Netto as well. I can't wait to tuck into those!

I can't wait for next weekend because we're putting the tree and decorations up.

After the fairly relaxed November we've had, it's now starting to get busier; Ella has a Christmas fair at Cubs this weekend then a Christmas party at Cubs next weekend. The weekend after that we're at Nanny's for the present swapping party and Advent begins next week so we'll have activities to do every day.

I'm glad I'm nearly done with all the prep work because I'll be able to enjoy December without stressing :)

Thursday, 26 November 2015


During December, Wayfair are challenging bloggers to spread festive cheer by doing a good deed.

For every blog that displays the #blogitforward badge, they will donate £50 to Habitat for humanity.
I had to take part, especially as I do a good deed every week!

On a Tuesday and a Friday, I spend 3 hours in my local charity shop, St Barnabas Hospice, helping to keep the book section stocked and organised.
I've been volunteering for about a year and I really enjoy it.

I now challenge Kim at Northumberland Mam and Michelle at The Purple Pumpkin Blog to do a good deed and blog about it :)


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Weekly weigh in - November 25th

Well, it's 4 weeks to Christmas and I can't see I'm going to get my 8.5 stone award back, let alone get my 9 stone award!
I didn't do an update last week because I was really fed up.

I'd been extra good all week, counting syns, weighing healthy extras and swapping carbs for speed veg, for example, when I did chilli and rice for everyone, I had cabbage instead of rice and I put 2lb on.

I was expecting to lose at least 4lb so to have a gain after working so hard all week was really disappointing.

I was invited to my friend, Jackie's that night for a craft party and for the first time in about 11 years I got drunk.
On a school night!

I was still drunk when I woke up the next morning and didn't get back on track with my eating.

Friday night we went to visit Jourdain and Netty, Ant's son and girlfriend, and we had a takeaway for dinner.
Saturday we went to visit Kellyann, Ant's daughter and had spaghetti bolognese followed by lemon meringue pie then Sunday we made chocolate orange cornflake cakes which I could not stop eating.

I managed to get back on track on Monday and Tuesday and only put a pound on this week, which was quite a good result after all the alcohol and food!

I need to lose 12lb to get my 8.5 stone award back so 3lb a week would see me do it by Christmas but I'm not confident now that I can do it but I will try my best :)

Final Target

Interim Target

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Me at 31 stone in August 2012 then me at 22.5 stone in August 2014


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