Thursday, 2 April 2015

April Monthly Bucket List

Shell Louise

Again, I didn't do so well on my bucket list last month but it's my own fault. I kept putting off doing the curtains because I'm not really a fan of sewing! I did try and get into it, even buying a sewing machine a few years ago but it's a pain to get out and set up so I never bother!

Kaycee wants to learn how to use it though so I've promised to show her next while she's on holiday so I'm going to do the curtains as a way of showing her what to do!

Last month -

  1. We didn't get out at half term because the girls decided to go with Aiden to his dad's. I'm going to find somewhere we can go for the day on Mother's Day instead as both girls want to stay home that weekend. Aiden's still going to his dad's because it's his normal weekend but he'll be back at tea time on Mother's Day so I'll still get to see him :)
    We did it! We went to Rufford Abbey and had a wonderful day :)
  2. Shorten the curtains for the living room window. I've had them over a year now and still haven't got round to shortening them!
    We've got a blind up at the window but it still lets light onto the T.V. and it's sometimes hard to see it properly.
    I've got some black out liners to put on the curtains when I've shortened them and hopefully we'll be able to see what's going on when it's night time on a T.V. show!
    See above!
  3. Get the shelves put up in the girls room. We have brackets for them somewhere but I can't remember where and the girls need more storage space so I have to find them soon.
    We seem to have misplaced the brackets to the shelves. I did nearly go and just buy some the other day but then realised it was stupid to spend money when we already have what we need somewhere in the house/shed/garage!
  4. Finish a book! Last month I wanted to finish 50 Shades of Grey but I'm afraid it hasn't help my attention, in  and I started a new book, Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs, half way through the month.
    I then bought a ghost story from the charity shop and couldn't wait to start that so I've now got three books on the go!
    I've stuck with the ghost story and I'm enjoying it, I just haven't quite finished it.
  5. Make a start on the pond I'm going to make in the garden. I reckon the ground will be soft enough to start digging soon and I can't wait to get my pond :)
    The only start I've made is to show Ant where I want it and he's put some hosepipe down to show a vague outline of the shape I want!
So on to April -

  1. Shorten the curtains while also showing Kaycee how to use the sewing machine. She's been inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee and made her own Apron out of an old sheet. She didn't use a pattern, she just cut it and sewed it by hand but now she wants to hem it all the way round and doesn't want to do that by hand!
  2. Celebrate Easter with a lovely Sunday dinner at Nanny's. 
  3. Actually start digging the pond!
  4. Find the shelf brackets and get Ant to put the shelves up in the girls room.
  5. Be more adventurous when cooking. We tend to stick to the same things and I'm getting sick of them. If I'm going to stick with Slimming World I need to mix things up to keep it interesting.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Ella wants a horse!

Shell Louise

My brother's children have recently been horse riding and he's posted some photos on Facebook. I think Ella must have seen them because now she wants a horse of her very own!

Photos used with permission :)

I had to let her down gently and tell her that apart from the cost of the actual horse, there's stable fees and food and vet care and all the equipment needed like riding boots and equestrian clothing etc
Maybe if we win the lottery she'll get her wish but until then she'll have to set her sights on something smaller, she's suggested chickens!

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Remember when I said.....

Shell Louise

No More Messy Bedroom?

Guess what?

It did stay clean for quite a long time and I have no idea how it managed to get this bad but here I am again, using my afternoon to clean up after a certain little girl!

I don't know if anything will stop her making such a mess but I've been looking at different storage solutions on Pinterest and I'm thinking that when we move bedrooms (Aiden's going to live with his dad when he's 16 so the girls will be getting a room of their own) we're going to need some better storage for the huge amount of stuff they've got, especially books!

I love these fitted cupboards and shelves and think they'd look great in the bedrooms, although they'd have to be a bit smaller!
I can't see them being dressed as nice as these though, every available bit of space will be crammed with books and toys!

Ant's mentioned changing the loft into another bedroom at some point and I love these loft room wardrobes. The different compartments speak to the part of me that adores organisation!

Anyway, getting back to the room...after the Easter holidays, Ant said he's going to get the kids into a better routine in the mornings to stop it taking so long and being so stressful before school. I think we need to include making the bed and clearing the floor a priority before they rush off to school so it doesn't get chance to get in this state again :) although we all know it will and we all know I'll be back here in a few months complaining about it again!

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Project 365 - Mar 21 - 27

Shell Louise

March 21st - I think the tv was a distraction from the book!

March 22nd - Kaycee's been inspired by the great British sewing bee and made this apron by herself, without a pattern! She still has to hem it and has asked me to show her how to use the sewing machine some time over the Easter holidays :)

March 23rd - Day 6 of my meal replacement plan and drinking 4 litres of water a day was quite hard!

March 24th - For some reason Ella wanted to sing Christmas songs at bedtime!

March 25th - A week on the New You plan saw me lose 11lb :)

March 26th - I've had some review items from Joseph Joseph this week and I LOVE them. Review posts up soon :)

March 27th - Kaycee :)

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

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Friday, 27 March 2015

Swimshop review

Shell Louise

The girls love swimming costumes. It doesn't matter what time of year it is or even what the weather's doing outside, they put their swimsuits on and to them, it's summer!

They came in the other day asking if they could have a water fight but if they could, could they use warm water because they didn't like using cold!
I told them that water fights are brilliant in the summer; using cold water to cool down on a hot day is what water fights are all about. Using warm water on a cold day is not so good because being wet and out in the cold wind would soon chill them to the bone!

They went ahead and had a water fight then had to come in for a warm shower because somehow I'd been right and they were freezing, despite using warm water. Who knew?!

When a package arrived through the post from Swim Shop I had 2 very excited girls. New swimsuits are really exciting, apparently!

Kaycee loves her new goggles. She'd been borrowing her teacher's goggles when she went swimming with school she was really happy that she wouldn't have to anymore :)

The prices at Swim Shop are really excellent. Girls swimsuits start from just £3.79!

I know where we'll be shopping for swimsuits from now on :)

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The New You Diet Review - Weight loss result

Shell Louise

I've been on a very low calorie, meal replacement diet this week, sent from the lovely people at 

You can read my first post with the details about day 1, here and days 2, 3 and 4 here


Breakfast - Chocolate hazelnut bar, black coffee and 600ml flavoured water

9am - 600ml flavoured water

Lunch - Mushroom soup, black coffee and 600ml flavoured water

Afternoon - 600ml flavoured water

Dinner - Country cottage pie, black coffee and 600ml flavoured water - The cottage pie and the vegetable chili are my favourite meals. They both feel like I'm having a proper meal which helps when the family is sitting down to one!

Supper - Mint chocolate shake and 600ml flavoured water - I warmed the shake up and it was just like a hot chocolate treat at bedtime :)

I woke earlier than usual for a Sunday morning and for some reason, I seem to have lots of energy. Instead of slobbing on the sofa for the day in my pjs, watching tv with the kids, I have the urge to get showered and get out in the garden.
It's only 5 past 9 and this is unheard of for me!
I've already had 600ml of water and I've just sent Kaycee to refill my bottle for me :) The water flavouring has really helped me reach my water goals. I'm not sure I'd find it so easy to drink 4 litres of plain of water a day.
I plan on keeping up my water intake after this week now I know I can do it.

2.30pm - I actually did spend the morning in the garden :) I took down an old fence that was rotten and sorted out loads of rubbish. Still lots more to do but I feel great because I went and made a start after putting it off on a daily basis!

The afternoon didn't go as well. I started to feel hungry around 4pm so I drank more water. I didn't want to have my next packet until everyone else had their dinner which was going to be around 6pm. Being hungry put me in a grumpy mood!


Breakfast - Chocolate trufa bar, black coffee and 600ml flavoured water

Mid morning - 600ml flavoured water

Lunch - Chicken soup, black coffee and 600ml flavoured water

Afternoon - 600ml flavoured water

Dinner - Spicy noodle nosh, black coffee and 600ml flavoured water

Supper - Beautiful banana shake and 600ml flavoured water -


It's been another good day :) I've been on plan 100% and went over my 4 litres of water. I did wake with a headache this morning but I get them quite often and don't think it's anything to do with the plan. I think it's down to my pillow as my neck hurts when I get the headaches after sleeping. I must hurry and get a new one!


Breakfast - Chocolate cream cookie bar, black coffee and 600ml flavoured water - I saved the chocolate cream cookie bar for last as I thought it was going to be the nicest but I should have saved the hazelnut one till last! It was ok and had a crumbly cookie base with the creamy bit on top but I prefer the chewy bars. It still left a slight after taste though.

Mid morning - 600ml flavoured water

Lunch - Mushroom soup, black coffee and 600ml flavoured water

Afternoon - 600ml flavoured water

Dinner - Vegetable chili, black coffee and 600ml flavoured water

Supper - Creamy chocolate shake and 600ml flavoured water 


My final day is done :D

I've found the whole week much easier than I thought it was going to be. I thought I'd be craving food by day 3 but I was totally fine.
If I could afford this plan every week, I'd be extremely tempted to stick with it. From what I've seen from the people on the Facebook group, if you stick to the plan 100%, you can average around a stone a month weight loss.
I have 12 stone to lose and it would be wonderful to be able to get to my target by this time next year but the cost of the plan on top of the groceries I still have to buy for the rest of the family isn't feasible for me at the moment.
If I were single I'd definitely switch from grocery shopping to New You shopping!

The Facebook group you can join when you're on the plan really helped keep me on track this week. Everyone is extremely supportive and I think they'd all agree that being a member of the group is one of the most important factors to being successful.
There's always someone there to give you whatever you need, be that encouragement, sympathy, a pat on the back or a even a kick up the bum!


START WEIGHT - 23 stone 11.5lb

WEIGHT TODAY - 23 stone 0.5lb


I'm really happy with my loss but it's annoying that just 1 more pound would have seen me back in the 22 stone category! Never mind, there's always next week :)

I'd like to say thank you to the New You team and everyone in the group who helped me this week. If things change, you'll be seeing me again ;)

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Wicked Uncle Review

Shell Louise

The girls got really excited when we received a parcel the other day from Wicked Uncle.

I hadn't told them that I'd ordered an Ant farm and an Aqua Dragons set. We bought aqua dragons for their nephews for Christmas (their nephews are the same ages as the girls!) and the girls really wanted some.

I got the ant farm because Ella loves finding bugs and things in the garden so I figured she'd love seeing the tunnels they make.

We had to wait a couple of days to do the aqua dragons because we had to buy some bottled water but they got straight on with the ant farm.
Ella dug a hole in my lawn trying to find ants before I realised where she was digging!

The girls got it all set up and kept checking to see if they could see the aqua dragons. It took about 3 days until you could see them without a magnifying glass.

Wicked Uncle made the choosing and ordering process very easy. You can choose by age or gender or just see all the toys for girls or boys in one go.
They offer gift wrapping and can send a handwritten card for birthdays, Christmas and Christenings,  along with your gift, straight to the recipient :)

I liked the range of products they stock, it took me ages to finally decide on the ant farm and aqua dragons!

Disclosure: We were sent a voucher to use on the site in return for an honest review.

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