Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Gallery - A favourite place

It's been a while since I joined in with The Gallery. I decided to make time for this one because it's a place we've been talking about a lot just lately. The girls really want to go back to Hubbard's Hills (Louth, Lincolnshire) soon and keep asking when we'll be able to make time to go.

I've used some of these photos a few times before but I couldn't resist using them again, they're some of my favourites because I had borrowed a DSLR camera from Ant's friend and I just adore the quality of the photos :)

Hubbard's Hills is a really lovely place, no matter what the weather.
We've been in summer with some of the cousins and spent hours in the shallow river

We went in the freezing cold winter (yes it looks lovely weather but believe me, it was freezing!) wearing wellies and warm coats and still managed to get wet but it didn't dampen spirits, it added to the fun!

Hopefully we'll be able to go again soon; I'm looking forward to it just as much as the kids!

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Photo Challenge - Late again!

April 5th - I've been helping Ant get his garage sorted. We have about 300 VHS tapes that Ant was going to put on the computer but we decided it would probably never get done because he's always so busy. We decided to get rid of them and was going to send them to the tip but thought we ought to offer them up free for collection in case anyone wanted them. It seemed such a shame to bin the lot, especially as they contain all complete seasons of Buffy and Angel. I've listed them on a Facebook group, free for local collection and if no one wants them, we'll ask granddad to take them to the tip.
April 6th - Ella and her doll (actually, I think this one may be Kaycee's doll!) and lots of bracelets she found while helping sort the bedroom.

April 7th - An attempt to make a den. The wind was very strong however and kept blowing it down. Excuse all the mess on the patio, it's from the garage and it's taking a while to sort through everything!

April 8th - My first ever Scrabble game! I played with the girls and didn't know until Ant came home and pointed it out, that we'd put a word on backwards and that wasn't allowed! I was working with Ella and Kaycee was on her own until Ant sat and joined her team. It was a really enjoyable game and I hope we get time to play it again soon :)

April 9th - The girls 'helping' to paint the arch!

April 10th - The girls have been pestering to have Aiden's tent out for a while now and I kept saying no because I didn't want them to break it. I gave in and said yes and they broke it! We found this one left in the attic by the previous owner. Ant said it's really old but it's in excellent condition so he put it up for them and they decided to sleep in it that night! None of us thought they'd actually make it the whole night because they were scared once it got dark but they did it and were pleased with themselves the next morning :)

April 11th - For some reason my laptop can't see my iPhone anymore and I spent hours trawling forums and websites trying to find a solution. I stayed up till 2am just trying to get my photos off my phone and onto my laptop. I gave up and used Ant's laptop the next day and I'm leaving the problem to the super wonderful husband to fix. It is his job after all!! 

Monday, 14 April 2014

How does your garden grow? April 14th

I'm not doing very well at keeping up with the blog just lately. Hopefully it won't be for much longer as we're nearing the end of all the big projects we have to do in the house :D

Once the kitchen is done I'll be able to concentrate on the garden and I can't wait. I'm itching to get out there and get the borders weeded and the veg garden sorted. It's quickly filling with weeds and if I don't want it to become a major eyesore I need to start digging and planting.

I don't know where this one tulip came from! It's in one of the pots that we brought from the other house so I must have planted it but I can't remember doing so and if I did, why is there just one?!

From a Google search, I think this is a Japanese quince. I'm really excited to harvest the fruit and have a go making quince jelly or quince poached in honey :)

I was worried my peony had been stressed with the move. I dug it up from the other garden and put it in a pot for a while until I found a place to put it in this garden and I kept checking on it but it didn't seem to be getting any bigger. I've had a it a couple of years and this should be the year I see the first flowers so I was really happy to see how much it had grown in just one week. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for the first flowers this summer :)

If anyone knows what these are I'd be very grateful if you could share! I didn't see them last week so they must be very fast growing to be this big already.

We were very excited to see the start of the apple blossom this week. The girls have been trying to make a den using chairs, pieces of wood and finally the tree  (which is why the sheet is draped in the background!) but gave up when the wind kept blowing everything down!

The rhubarb is growing well. It won't be much longer before we're making pie :)

Another single tulip, this time behind a bush in one of the borders!

Lots of new growth on the wisteria. I'm hoping the sun it gets in this garden will help it grow much bigger and stronger.

The girls wanted to help paint. They had a great time but it took me ages to sort it out and get it painted properly once they got bored! I'm sure there was more paint on the floor than on the wood!

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

Monday, 7 April 2014

Whisby garden centre

Granddad took us to the garden centre last weekend to buy craft stuff to make Ella's Easter bonnet for the parade at school.

We ended up going to feed the ducks, swans and fish which then led to us going to see the animals they have in the small farm. I must admit, I was a bit disappointed with the farm. It cost £1.50 each (the sign said £1.50 for each adult and child so we thought it was going to cost us £3 because there were 2 adults and 2 children) which was too expensive for what there was in my opinion. It felt like they'd tried to make it a good attraction but had become fed up with it and given up.

Granddad wasn't impressed because none of the birds in the aviary were labelled so apart from the obvious ones, we didn't know what they were.
It looked a bit shabby and run down which was a shame because if it had all been really nice and more effort put into it, it would have been worth £1.50 each and it would be somewhere we'd go again when we wanted something to do at the weekends.

Despite the farm, we still had a lovely afternoon which was finished off with some delicious ice cream :)

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Photo challenge April 5th

 March 22nd - We've been busy sorting through loads of boxes of stuff that came from the loft in the the old house and Ant found these earrings that one of his first wife's penpals had sent her. We checked with Kellyann first to see if she wanted her mum's earrings but she didn't so Ella asked if she could have them to give her friend at school who really loved elephants!
March 23rd - Books, books and more books. It's taking ages to sort through all the books but I'm getting there slowly :)

March 24th - The girls found a pair of hair curlers Ant bought me when we were organising our wedding and they both wanted their hair curling before school. This was Ella's. We didn't have time to do it all but she loved the result.

March 25th - More books!

March 26th - My bleeding heart plant is getting really big now and growing so fast!

March 26th - Ella reading the bedtime story :)

March 27th - Today Ella wanted a bun in her hair. It didn't stay in all day but at least it looked good for a while! (Kaycee doesn't like having her photo taken much anymore which is why there are more photos of Ella....she loves having her photo taken!).

March 28th - My super wonderful husband is making a start to the bookcases in the alcoves each side of the fireplace :)

March 30th - Yay!! The bookcases are built :) I still have to paint them and that won't get done till the kids are away in the summer holidays but I'm so pleased I can finally get these piles of books put on the shelves and out the way for a while!

March 31st - Mum helped me get the hundreds of books onto the shelves and finally get the room looking like a living room again! For more photos check out my posts, Yay!! we have a living room again!

April 1st - I went shopping at Poundstretcher and noticed these lovely lamps. I reckon they'll look great on the bookcases either side of the tv in the living room :)

April 2nd - Ella's Easter bonnet parade and Easter fair :)

April 3rd - My bleeding heart plant now has flowers...I'm so excited to see them back again :)

April 4th - Last day of school for the kids and here's Ella performing at her piano concert :)

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