We’ve made a start on the new kitchen flooring!

.New flooring, finally!

If you’ve read my bucket list posts this year you’ll have seen me saying, (every month since April!) that I want to get the new flooring down in the kitchen.
We finally made a start today but I have to confess to not only getting the flooring down, I’ve decided to decorate the kitchen as well!

I started emptying the shelf unit in preparation for the floor and thought that seeing I was emptying the kitchen anyway, it would be the best time to get the paint out and freshen it up.

I’ve only washed, sanded and painted the skirting board and door so far but already it’s starting to feel all nice and fresh.

Changes afoot

Ant wants to make some changes to the kitchen; he wants to make a built in unit with a cupboard at the bottom, some shelves above the counter and a proving cupboard above the shelves, in the place where we currently have an open shelving unit.

open shelf unit in kitchen

It makes sense because even though I LOVE the shelf unit, we need more storage space in the kitchen.

He’s also wanting to put in a breakfast bar, (like the one we took out because I didn’t like it!) in the same place as the one we took out!

Breakfast bar we removed




I compromised and said I wouldn’t mind having an island in the middle instead of the table and chairs. The more I think about it, the more I can see his point of view.  It will give us so much extra counter and storage space.

I must admit, I won’t be sorry to see the back of the space saving table. The chairs are not comfy for me and it’s gone very wobbly. It probably just needs tightening but the space it takes up can be put to much better use.

Whatever we decide, the kitchen is going through changes. The most important one, that I can’t wait to see is that new flooring, finally in place!

Summer Bucket List Time!


It’s that time of year again!

The girls love making a summer bucket list and have been looking forward to making this one for ages.

This summer we would like to:

  • Have ice cream for breakfast
  • Have an Eskimoo
  • Go to Hubbard’s Hill
  • Make smores
  • Go swimming at NK
  • Go to Mablethorpe and eat fish and chips and warm doughnuts and ice cream and fresh prawns
  • Have a movie night with popcorn
  • Have traditional meals from different countries
  • Make campfire twists
  • Make apple and cherryade floats
  • Play Come Dine With Me
  • Make paper dolls
  • Lie on the grass at night and look at the stars
  • Have a family games night
  • Go to Daisy Made

This last one is copied from the lovely Kim over at Northumberland Mam.

Make ice cream in a bag

I get Kim’s blog posts delivered to my email every day and I’m always amazed how alike we seem to be. I’m often nodding along when she’s describing something her youngest has done and thinking to myself that it sounds just like something Ella would do!

I’m really looking forward to the summer holidays. I just have to wait for the girls to get back from the various places they’re visiting for the first 2 weeks….. I have 2 child-free weeks ahead, whatever shall I do with myself?!

Questions for Kaycee – last day at junior school


I started asking Kaycee and Ella some questions at the end of the school year in 2012. I love being able to look back at the changes :)

It doesn’t seem two minutes ago that I was asking Kaycee questions at the end of year 2 and writing about her being sad because she had to leave the infants school. Now I’m writing about how sad she is to be leaving junior school and I can’t believe she’s going to be in secondary school in September.

She has had an absolutely wonderful teacher for her final year in junior school.

I know Kaycee is going to be really emotional when she has to say her final goodbyes today.
She’s made a lovely cushion with her best friend, Emma, to give to Miss B. Last night she wanted to make something that was just from her.

She made a thank you card with a large B on the front and decorated the letter with buttons and gems. She also made a frame with the following inside:

Miss B

I may not remember everything you have said but I will remember how special you made me feel.

Thank you

She bought some Thornton’s chocolates for the office staff.
She gave a bottle of wine to one of the teachers she had in a different year and gave a bottle of salted caramel liqueur to the headteacher.

She’s going to miss this school but I think she’s going to love her new school and all the opportunities she’s going to get to there :)

I am really good at  Writing stories
I like to  film videos
My favourite thing to learn at school:  PSHE
1 person who makes me laugh:  Dad
One word that describes me:  Loud
I am really happy when:  I’m with my friends
I am really sad when:  I have a fallout with my friends
My favourite book:  Harry Potter
My favourite TV show:  The next step
My favourite vacation:  Mablethorpe
I like school when:  we go on trips
I don’t like school when:  we do SATS
My favourite season:  Winter
My favourite toy:  Ducky
My worst nightmare:
Things that make me mad:  Ella
Favourite sport:  Capture the flag
I like my Dad because  he makes me laugh
I like my Mum because  she cooks nice stuff
I like my family because  they’re nice to me (most of the time!)


Questions for Ella at the end of year 4

Questions for Ella 2016

I started asking the girls some questions at the end of the school year in 2012. I love being able to look back at the changes :)
I am really good at: Cartwheels and handstands
I like to: going in the pool
My favourite thing to learn at school: Maths
1 person who makes me laugh: Daddy
One word that describes me: Unique
I am really happy when: I go on holiday
I am really sad when: I have a fallout with my friends
My favourite book: The Gruffalo
My favourite TV show: Love your garden with Alan Titchmarsh
My favourite vacation: Cornwall
I like school when: we have Eskimoos (flavoured milkshake) at the end of the year
I don’t like school when: we do literacy
My favourite season: Summer
My favourite toy: Rabbit and Tigger
My worst nightmare: When I dreamed Jeff got stabbed in the back
Things that make me mad: When Daddy tells me too many jokes
Favourite sport: Cricket
I like my Dad because: He’s funny and he makes me laugh
I like my Mum because: She’s kind and she says we can’t do something, we beg her and she then says yes!
I like my family because: They buy me presents when they go on holiday

Ella’s questions from 20122013 2014 2015

Questions for Ella 2016

Weekly weigh in – Lost 1.5lb

You may remember last week that I didn’t get weighed at Slimming World as I’d booked a holiday. I did, however, weigh myself at home.

I didn’t put my weight on the blog though because I didn’t want to dwell on the number on the scale.

I followed a calorie counted diet all week, sticking to under 1300 calories and because of the drastic reduction in calories, I managed to lose the amount I’d put on over my birthday celebrations :)

When I last weighed at Slimming World I weighed 24 stone, 1 pound. When I weighed at home last Wednesday morning, I weighed 25 stone exactly.

When I weighed at home this morning, I weighed 24 stone exactly meaning I’d lost the whole stone I gained :)

I went to Slimming World this morning and weighed in at 23 stone, 13 and a half pounds. I was delighted to be back in the 23 stone category!

I’ve decided to stick to a low-calorie diet again this week because I need to be strict with myself and get this weight moving again.
I keep sticking to Slimming World and being disappointed with my results so for now I’m calorie counting but still going to the group because I need the support of everyone there :)


Stabilo Cappi Pens Review

I’ve written before about the girls loving stationery and Stabilo in particular so they were very happy with the new pack of  Stabilo Cappi pens we received today (well, Ella’s happy, Kaycee’s not seen them yet as she’s away at a friend’s house, working on an end of year present for their teacher but she loves pens and I know she’s going to love these!).

Stabilo Cappi Pens

Stabilo Cappi Pens

We love the flattened ends

The ends are flat which stops them rolling off the table, something that’s a constant source of annoyment when we’re crafting together. It makes you wonder why no one has thought of this design before?!

Stabilo Cappi Pens

The caps thread on to the cap ring which keeps them all together and stops them getting lost. I’m sure you know if you’ve got kids who colour, how many times the lids get lost! I’m always chucking old pens away because they’ve dried out when the lids have been lost.

Talking of the pens drying out without the caps on, if these pens aren’t put back on the caps for some reason, they don’t dry out for 24 hours.
How brilliant is that? :o)

Stabilo Cappi Pens

They’ve got nice fine nibs which are great for the adult colouring book the girls bought me for Christmas! I can see me stealing these for myself!

The pens have an ergonomic grip zone specially designed for children and because they’re looped together, you can attach them to the car headrest while on journeys and encourage the kids to draw and create instead of playing on tablets!

Stabilo cappi pens on car headrest

We’re giving these Stabilo Cappi Pens 10/10. We think the design of them, being kept together, not rolling everywhere and not drying out, is excellent. The colours are lovely and bright :)


Please note: We were sent a pack of Stabilo Cappi Pens in return for an honest review.

Meal planning Monday – July 18th

meal planning Monday banner

I’ve not been meal planning for a while and I’ve noticed a difference in the cost of the groceries. Meal planning really does help me to keep costs down.

I’ve been calorie counting this week instead of following Slimming World. I needed to be extra strict after the indulgences of my birthday celebrations last week!
I’ve decided to carry on with calorie counting again next week so the meals here are for Ant and the girls. I’ve ordered ready meals and prepared salads for myself so it’s easier to track the calories.

Monday – Sausage, mash, peas and gravy

Tuesday – Chicken and chips

Wednesday – Spaghetti bolognese

Thursday – Steak and chips

Friday – Chili and rice

Saturday – Bacon pasta

Sunday – Chicken dinner


Didn’t get weighed at the weekly weigh in!

As you may know, it was my birthday yesterday and because of this, I booked a holiday at Slimming World. I still went to the meeting because I do the weighing, but I didn’t get weighed.

I did, however, weigh at home and the result was astronomical!

I’ve enjoyed a really lovely week of eating foods I wouldn’t normally eat (cream cakes!) and drinking lots of Baileys, salted caramel liqueur and wine, lots of lovely wine :)
We had a BBQ on Sunday for my family who came from Derbyshire then we had pizza followed cake and ice cream last night for my birthday tea.
It’s really very hard to sit here with the rest of my cake calling to me! Kaycee made it and it was delicious. I wish I’d taken the chance to have another slice last night now!

For once I’m not going to divulge the amount I’ve gained because I don’t want to dwell on it. I’ve got a plan in place to get rid a chunk of it by sticking to less than 1200 calories every day this week. This means I won’t be following Slimming World for the week.
I’ve ordered Asda good and counted salads and frozen ready meals for the week to make it easier to keep track of the calories (I can’t be bothered weighing and measuring everything) and I’m hoping to lose enough to at least get a maintain when I get weighed next week at Slimming World.

Animated sparkle gif spelling out the word, Shell using lipstick