My biggest accomplishment #Blogtober16

Biggest accomplishment

My biggest accomplishment has to be my children.

I am very proud of them and the way they treat others. They have great manners and behave well. I’m looking forward to seeing the adults they’ll become.

Aiden’s 16 now and I haven’t had to deal with the usual teenage strops/temper/slamming of doors etc. The only thing we had to grumble about was his lack of motivation at school and not doing his homework. He had the most detentions for not handing homework in of any child I’ve ever known!

Biggest accomplishment Aiden

Kaycee’s just moved to secondary school and has made a great start. She keeps herself organised, making sure she always has her homework finished.
She lets me know where she is if she’s going to be late, she even tells me which way she’s walking home.
She’s very thoughtful and hates to make anyone unhappy. She has a great sense of humour.

Biggest accomplishment Kaycee's first day of secondary school

Ella makes us smile every day. She’s infuriating, don’t get me wrong. She easily loses focus. She’s always getting distracted when she’s supposed to be doing her chores!  But she’s adorable!
She cries if her sister gets upset but then 2 minutes later they can argue like cat and dog!


Ella biggest accomplishment

My family is wonderful and I love them all to bits 🙂

I’m taking part in #Blogtober16. It’s a post every day during October with a different prompt. Tomorrow I’ll be telling you about my favourite time of year. If you know me even a little bit, you’ll know what I’m going to be talking about!



What I’m afraid of #Blogtober16

What am I afraid of?

I’m afraid of the usual things like big spiders. I can cope if they’re not too big and if they stay away from me but if they start coming towards me, I get nervous!

I don’t like wasps because unlike bees, they don’t leave you alone. I don’t feel guilty killing wasps when they’re flying in my face or trying to get on the food when we’re eating outside.

I’m most afraid of something happening to one of my children or my husband, though. When they were babies, I’d have mini movies playing in my head of something awful happening to them. If I carried them downstairs I’d see myself falling and dropping the baby.
If I fed them in bed lying next to me, I’d see myself falling asleep and rolling onto the baby. I hated those mini movies in my head!


I’m taking part in #Blogtober16. It’s a post every day during October with a different prompt. Tomorrow I’ll be telling you about my biggest accomplishment.



5 Super Cool Things Where I Live #Blogtober16

Where I live

I’ve lived in Lincoln for about 13 years and I have to admit, apart from knowing we have a cathedral and a castle, I don’t know much else about the place! I’m sure there must another 3 cool things I can think of!

  1. Lincoln cathedral – the foundations were laid in 1088. It is the third largest cathedral in Britain (in floor area) after St Paul’s and York minster.
  2. Lincoln Castle – It is one of only 2 castles in the country that has 2 mottes. It’s one of the most impressive Norman castles in the UK.
  3. We have the wonderful Red Arrows and I can sometimes see them practising while I’m in the garden:)
  4. Daisy Made ice cream is delicious!
  5. Our Christmas Market is visited by people from all over the world. This year it’s on from the 1st December to the 4th December

Cool things - Lincoln Christmas Market


I’m taking part in #Blogtober16. It’s a post every day during October with a different prompt. Tomorrow you can find out what I’m afraid of.


10 Favourite Foods #Blogtober16

favourite foods

Favourite foods It’s no secret that I struggle with my weight. I’ve struggled my whole life and I think I’ll be struggling with it forever. Listing my favourite foods is a bit like torture because it makes me want it … Continue reading

Bonfire Night Shoebox Diorama #BostikBloggers

Shoebox diorama

Kaycee loves making a shoebox diorama. She made one for a school project once that depicted Cinderella’s bedroom and she won a prize for it 🙂

shoebox diorama bonfire night

You will need

A shoebox
Glitter glue
PVA glue
Dry grass
Lolly sticks
Pipe cleaners
Sticky tape

shoebox diorama bonfire night

Mix some black paint into some blue paint to make it darker and paint the inside of the shoebox.

shoebox diorama bonfire night

Glue the dry grass to the bottom of the box.

shoebox diorama bonfire night

Using felt pieces, cut tree shapes. The trunks were made from glitter card but you can use regular card and add glitter.

shoebox diorama bonfire night

shoebox diorama bonfire night

On a piece of card, draw a bonfire shape and cut it out.

shoebox diorama bonfire night

Using PVA glue, add glitter to the bonfire.

shoebox diorama bonfire night

Using another piece of card, make a stand for the back of the fire and glue it on.

shoebox diorama bonfire night

Place the bonfire in position in the shoebox garden.

shoebox diorama bonfire night

Tape the outside of the box flaps up to make the box bigger. With red, yellow and orange paints and paintbrushes, splatter the paint onto the box to make fireworks.
Kaycee also used glitter glue further down to make catherine wheel fireworks.

shoebox diorama bonfire night

Take five lolly sticks and put them together to make a table. Break another stick in half and glue onto the table top to hold the sticks together.

shoebox diorama bonfire night

Cut and bend pipe cleaners into table legs and attach to the table top using glue or tape.

shoebox diorama bonfire night

Add the table to the garden. Glue some buttons together to make a seat.

shoebox diorama bonfire night

Add more garden items. Kaycee ran out of time but she’s planning to add a pond and a shed. She also wants to make some rocket fireworks to stick into the grass 🙂

Shoebox diorama tutorial in association with Bostik, Tots 100 and Craft Merrily

Zodiac sign and does it fit? #Blogtober16

Zodiac sign

cancer zodiac sign

My zodiac sign is Cancer. Here’s what I’ve been able to find out about Cancerians.

The following is taken from Explore Astrology

The fourth sign of the zodiac is Cancer (June 22nd-July 22nd) and it is represented by the crab. Appropriately enough, Cancerians can seem easygoing, sympathetic, and patient one minute, then cranky and irritable the next. Because of this ability to make a sudden change, Cancer is the least predictable of all signs.

Yep, I think everyone who knows me would agree with this!

They are ruled by the moon and have water as their element, so their mood swings can be compared to the turbulence of the shifting tides. If they feel they need to, they will retreat to their own emotional shell to keep others out. However, Cancerians can be very sympathetic to others and readily show their affection. Cancerians are also very emotional and sensitive, which may be why they are so empathetic towards others.

I love water. Our pond is my favourite part of the garden and I love seeing waterfalls and streams when visiting new places with Ant. 
I would agree about the mood swings and retreating into my shell. I am very sympathectic, emotional and sensitive.

Cancerians need a lot of attention due to their unpredictable character, but if you give them the support they need, they will offer you their undying loyalty and love (see our article Cancer in Love in this section). Once you have won their trust, nothing anyone else can say will sway them against you.

Yep, totally agree 🙂


Just like a crab, Cancerians are often known for sidestepping. They rarely take the direct approach to what they want, but eventually they get what they are after. Cancerians are better judged by what they do and not what they say. When asked to help, their first response might be no, but in the end, they always come through. They can often be hard on the outside, but soft on the inside. The hard shell they show to the world is only there to protect themselves from being hurt.

Cancer is also the sign of home and family life. They seek out relationships and are happiest when with those they love because it gives them a sense of security.

It’s true, I’m most happy when I’m at home with Ant, Aiden and the girls 🙂


Cancerians are very intuitive, almost to the point of being psychic. They are able to spot even the smallest change in another’s behaviour, so it is hard to deceive them. They are very insightful and most have a good memory. The combination of these two skills plus their excellent observation skills makes them very aware of the ulterior motives of others.

I don’t have a good memory, in fact, it’s absolutely terrible and I’m not very good at seeing ulterior motives. I always tend to look for the good and miss the bad.


Cancerians are often seen as moody, cranky, and unpredictable. Because of their sensitivity, they can be seen as over-emotional and touchy, almost to the point of being clingy. They tend to be possessive of those they have allowed in their world. Cancerians can shut people out if they feel uncomfortable and “going into their shell” is seen as being introverted.

Yep, yep and yep!

Parts of the Body Ruled by Cancer

The breasts and stomach – because they love to overeat, Cancerians may have to fight the battle of the bulge their entire lives. They are also prone to digestion problems that may be caused by stress or tension.

Cancerians may seem hard on the outside, but do not take that to heart. Once you get to know them, they can be very loving and insightful of your feelings. They love to be with family and their families love them despite their turbulent mood changes.

Couldn’t be more true! I’ve been overweight my whole life and I’m still battling my weight.
I do love being with my family, as I said above, and I think they all love being with me, even when I’m grumpy!


I’m taking part in #Blogtober16. It’s a post every day during October with a different prompt. Tomorrow is one of my favourite subjects…. favourite food, which shows the above is correct about Cancerians loving to eat!


Tudor Jumbles – #GBBOBloggers2016

Tudor Jumbles

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Favourite concert you’ve attended #Blogtober16

Favourite concert

I thought about not doing a post today because I’ve never been to a concert but I want to do the whole Blogtober challenge.
I thought I’d talk about the concerts I wanted to go to but never had the nerve or the money!

When I was 15 I was mad about NKOTB or New Kids On The Block for those who have no idea what I’m talking about!

New Kids On The Block Concert
I dreamed about being able to go to a concert. I first saw them performing at the Smash Hits Poll Winners party 1989 on TV and I fell in love with Jordan from that moment!
Luckily for me (not so much for everyone else!) I’d recorded it onto VHS and for about a year or so I watched it everyday, rewinding the song numerous times.

I’m taking part in #Blogtober16. It’s a post every day during October with a different prompt. I’ll be looking into whether my zodiac sign fits my personality tomorrow 🙂


Piercings and Tattoos #Blogtober16

piercings and tattoos


Another short one I’m afraid. I don’t have any tattoos. I’ve often thought about getting one but never had the courage. I’m a bit wimpy when it comes to any kind of pain. I really can’t stand something being sore for days on end.


I did go a bit wild with piercings when I was younger. Well, I say wild, what’s wild for me would be tame for others!

I had my ears pierced when I was 13. My dad was against me having them done and wasn’t very happy when my aunt took me to have them done for my birthday. I looked after them really well and loved wearing earrings for years.

When I was 18 I decided to have them done again. I had them done on the lobes next to my first set then later decided to have one at the top of my right ear.
I had a gold and ruby stud in the top.

A few months later I had another at the top of my right ear and my nose pierced. I loved my nose piercing but it wasn’t as easy as my ear piercings. It would fall out all the time, even when I bought ones that bent inside my nose. It fell out without my noticing most of the time and it would start to close up. I had to have it redone a couple of times. Having to go into town to keep having it redone was annoying so I just gave it up as a bad job when I was about 22.

I still have the first holes in my lobes from when I was 13 but all the others have closed up now.

I’m taking part in #Blogtober16. It’s a post every day during October with a different prompt. Tomorrow’s prompt is: favourite concert you have attended.



Timeline of my day #Blogtober16

Timeline of my day

Timeline of my day I’ve done a photo timeline of my day a few times. I take part in #1day12pics on Instagram on the first Saturday of each month. Sometimes, when I remember, I do a 1 day 12 pics … Continue reading