Tuesday, 22 July 2014

All Bran 5 day challenge

Shell Louise

I don't think I've ever seen the kids so excited to get review products as they were when we received Kellogg's All Bran in three different flavours.

I knew the three boxes weren't going to last long so I weighed out my 5 portions straight away so I could do the challenge before the kids and Ant got their hands on them!

I'm currently attending Slimming World and as part of that I have to have healthy extras which consist of a daily portion of food containing calcium and a daily portion of food containing fibre.
I usually have wholemeal bread for my fibre portion and cheese for my calcium but I changed to the All Bran and milk while doing the challenge.

I must say I really enjoyed having cereal for a change. I usually have fruit and yogurt for breakfast because it's easy to grab but that doesn't keep me feeling full and by lunchtime I'm ready to eat anything I can find!

My favourite flavour was the red berry crunch although the chocolate wheats were pretty moreish, I have to admit!

I've could have easily eaten a lot more than my 35g healthy extra portion but I had to be good to get my next weight loss award!

Luckily I've never had to deal with being bloated so I can't say whether it helps with that or not but it did help me with my weight loss by keeping me feeling full til lunchtime, which stopped me snacking in between meals then grabbing rubbish at lunch because I was so hungry.
I'm happy to say I did get my 8 and a half stone award the following week and I'm sure making the change from bread to All Bran really helped me get a 5 and a half pound weight loss after struggling the previous weeks :)

I've discovered the wonder that is fat free yogurt instead of milk with my cereal and I'll never go back to milk and cereal again!

I think it took about 2 days for the three boxes to be polished off because not only did the kids have them for breakfast, they snacked on them after school and at supper time! They didn't want milk, they just wanted to eat them right out of the box.

I made them get bowls!

This post is an entry for the Real Mums of All-Bran Linky Challenge, sponsored by Kelloggs. Why don't you head over to the All Bran website and try the 5 day challenge for yourself :)

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

RhinoShield Review

Shell Louise

I love my iPhone. Unfortunately, so do the kids! I lived in fear of it getting broken because it seemed like one of them was always dropping it!
In fact, just this morning it took a trip across the bathroom when Ella, who had been using an app that helps you brush your teeth for 2 minutes, threw it in panic when she saw a spider on her arm.

After she'd come to be reassured that the spider was no longer on her, I asked where my phone was. She said, 'oops, I threw it when I saw the spider!'. Normally, hearing that, I would have been the one panicking but I wasn't worried because I knew it had the RhinoShield on :o)

Since doing the glass test that came with the RhinoShield I've been much more relaxed with my phone!


You can buy the RhinoShield from Evolutive LABS. Find them on Twitter and Facebook

*We were sent the RhinoShield for review purposes. My opinons of review products are always honest.
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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Happy birthday to me!

Shell Louise

It's my 38th birthday :) I've had a lovely afternoon, having a BBQ with some of the family and been spoilt as usual!

Thank you to everyone who sent cards, gifts and wished me happy birthday on Facebook and thank you to my super wonderful husband and children for always making me feel special :)

I have to say, the hawthorn and honey smells gorgeous and I'm really enjoying sitting here with the patio door open and the cool breeze wafting the smell round the room :)

I've just realised I forgot to take a photo of the cake Ella made for me. It was delicious :)

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Monday, 7 July 2014

52 Weeks of Gratitude - Week 5

Shell Louise

I've been on a bit of a blogging break which means I'm behind on my gratitude list as well as my alphabet photo project and I didn't finish my 'How does your garden grow?' post last Thursday either so I'm playing catch up now!

I started this list last week then lost my blogging mojo. I was struggling to find more to add to the list, not because it had been a crappy week, but just because it had been a perfectly normal week with not much happening.

Until Friday.

After Friday I had A LOT to be grateful for!

1) The feeling you get when everywhere is nice and tidy and the kids have actually helped get it that way instead of contributing to the mess in the first place!
2) I'm happy that the weather was lovely for Ella's last sports day at infants school. It was a bit sad thinking that shes only got three weeks left at her school. We've had children there for nearly 10 years and we'll miss them in September.
3) Seeing Ella walk in to Beavers with her new Beavers jumper. We'd been waiting a while for it to be delivered and she was very proud to be able to show her leader that she'd finally got the right uniform!
4) We've been on a mainly vegetarian diet this week; the kids still ham in their sandwiches and bacon for breakfast occasionally but the main meals have been veggie ones and I have to say I've really enjoyed them.
I'm trying a green week on Slimming World and I think it may be the way forward for me. I love having so many vegetables in the house and trying new recipes daily.
5) Seeing Kaycee engrossed in her new book. She said at dinner last night that's glad she bought it because she's really enjoying it :)
6) Girly giggles from Kaycee and Ella (and manly giggles from Aiden!) when daddy pretends to be Dynamo and disappears behind the curtain!
7) Family dinners at the table.
8) Birthday excitement....it's my birthday on Saturday and we're having a bbq at Kaycee's request.
9) New fans for the bedroom because our window is really big but only has one tiny window that opens and I keep waking up too hot.
10) I'm extremely grateful and thankful that the lovely lady driving the car was paying attention when I tripped on the pavement and fell into the road just as she was coming up beside me.
She managed to swerve, missing my head by what felt like mere inches.
I banged my elbow and knee when I fell and now have bruises and grazes on both. We were both very shaken and I had to phone Ant to come and pick me up and take me to Ella's school (I was on my way to fetch her at home time) then put her bike in the boot so he could drive us home.
It didn't hit me until later how much worse it could have been and I'm thankful to still be here, enjoying my family :)

I'm joining in with This Enchanted Pixie and her 52 weeks of gratitude linky :)

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Accessorise Yourself - Make Your Own Wedding Hair Band

Shell Louise

We're going to the wedding of Ant's niece in October so when Country Baskets got in touch challenging us to make a wedding accessory using some of their craft supplies, we jumped at the chance!

The girls love hair accessories so we made a head band using the lace ribbon, organza fabric, jewel butterflies, jewels from the jewel wire and a leaf from one of the flowers.

Here's how we did it :)

Cut 6 circles out of the organza fabric, 2 large, 2 medium and 2 small

Make cuts towards the centre of the fabric to make the petals but stop before you get to close to the middle.

Using a candle, melt the petal edges of the organza. Make sure you don't get too close, just use the heat, not the flame to distort the edges.

When you've done all the pieces, layer them in size order and stitch them in the middle.

Measure the length of lace ribbon needed then sew the flower on to the ribbon.

Sew or glue the jewels into the middle of each flower. We sewed them on but didn't like how much they moved around so we put a dab of glue on the back of each jewel.

Next we sewed one of the jewelled butterfly decorations under the flower on one side

and a leaf on the other.

Kaycee wanted to be the model today :)

They're both in the process of making their own hair bands for the wedding now with the left over items :)

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Prawn Salad picnic sandwich #MorrisonsMums

Shell Louise
Prawn Salad picnic sandwich #MorrisonsMums

Sandwiches are a staple food in a picnic basket but some of my favourite fillings are messy and not very good for transporting to the picnic area or eating in public!

Here's how we combat this problem :)

You will need:

1 pack of 4 extra large wholemeal rolls - 65p
1 pack little gem lettuce - 69p (From the, 'I'm Cheaper' range)
Thousand island dressing - 79p (From the, 'I'm Cheaper' range)
1 bag large frozen prawns (defrosted) - £3 (From the, 'I'm Cheaper' range)
Cucumber - 49p
Baby plum tomatoes - £1.25

This makes 4 large sandwiches with lots of leftover filling ingredients to make more if you have more bread rolls.

Hollow out each of the bread rolls. You can use the middle bread for breadcrumbs. Just freeze it til you need it :)

Layer one side with thin slices of cucumber and lettuce leaves.

Layer the other side with thinly sliced plum tomatoes and prawns then drizzle with the thousand island dressing.

Put the two halves together and put in an airtight container in the fridge until you're ready to leave.

Because the two halves fit together as if they'd just been sliced open, the filling doesn't ooze out when you take a bite!

This is our entry to the Picnic Favourites category for the #MorrisonsMum (or #MorrisonsDad) Summer Recipe eBook Challenge.

This post is an entry for the #MorrisonsMum (or #MorrisonsDad) Summer Recipe eBook Challenge sponsored by Morrisons, which has recently cut prices on over a thousand every day products. Find out more here price checker tool


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